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Overview of Võru Järve School

Võru Järve Kool (VJS) is a basic school where children with special needs are scheduled. VJS is a municipal school operated by Võru Town Government.

Võru Järve School is a school for children with moderate and severe mental disability. The school is municipal property, appointed by Võru Town Government. VJS situates in the South-East of Estonia, in the area which has limited social-economic possibilities. The School educates all children from Võru County, Valga and Põlva County who need special education.

It is a school that offers regular five-days-per-week tuition to its target group children with moderate, severe mental and multiply disabled, from 7 to 17 years of age.

The school is planned for five-days-per-week for moderately and multiply disabled children in the target age-range 7-17. Primarily we would like to enroll those children who have been at home, without formal education. 40 pupils learn at Võru Järve School. The number of students in one class is 5-7 at the most. Their teachers are specially trained educators, helpers and therapists who follow the curriculum.

It is a consultancy and education center for families with disabled children that organizes talks, workshops, distributes useful printed material, etc.

The consultancy and training center should organize training for the families with  disabled member. It could be a place for talks, workshops, etc. organized with the help of local specialists, for Tartu University or elsewhere, by specialists from abroad.

It is a support center for disabled children and their families.


Võru Järve School works on the basis of national Basic School’s simplified curriculum that is approved by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Learning is set up in:

1) Basic School – 9 academic years (divided into three levels of development)

2) Continuing education – 2 academic years

3) Extra curriculum education – 1 academic year

Every student is provided with an individual curriculum and the studies are proofed by a certification after graduating from the school.


– open air lessons

– study tours

– hiking

– theater and cinema visits

– taking active part in exhibitions

– performances in and outside the school

– participation in different project activities

– joint events with twinning schools



A Festive Ceremony of Estonian Independence Day


school’s cafe

spring party/final ceremony

participation in the Special Olympics of Estonia


Developing the basic skills in mathematical thinking, reading and writing. Knowledge about the local environment and surrounding nature. Career choices include handicraft, woodcraft, cleaning rooms, home economics.


After the graduation, it is possible to extend the studies for two more academic years and another extra year which provides more vocational preparations.

The extra curriculum year aims to provide further training and support to enter the labor market.


After lessons, the students can attend different activities at after school classes.

Children day care service during school holidays and 24 h child care service are available if needed.

In cooperation with the NGO Support Center Meiela (www.meiela.ee)

ASBL (non-profit association) Support Centre Meiela is an organization, which provides rehabilitation and special welfare services. It is Meiela’s mission to create conditions for the people with special needs to develop in every way possible so that they could live a full life where their potential is recognized and taken into consideration when determining the conditions of employment.

Since 2013, Meiela Work Centre has made efforts to provide youngsters with intellectual disability with chances to practise their work skills and acquire new work techniques. Different items, like SAORI scarfs, table mats, rag (shoddy) carpets and crockery products which have been made by the youngsters can be purchased from the Work Centre. All the aforementioned products can also be ordered to fit the customer’s wishes.

A professional rehabilitation team works for the school and offers its services:

  • physiotherapist
  • social worker
  • special teacher
  • speech therapist
  • creative therapist
  • psychologist

Rehabilitation service contains swimming in Väimela Health Centre and football in Võru Sports Centre. There are creative camps for the students in summer.


Vocational studies at Võru County Vocational Training Centre’s Urvaste www.vkhk.ee

Working and living  for the NGO Support Center Meiela www.meiela.ee

the NGO Võru County Day Care www.vorupaevakeskus.ee


Qualified teachers, special teachers and speech therapists work for the school.

Subject teachers:

  • music
  • PE
  • handicraft
  • woodcraft
  • art
  • ICT

Support personnel:

  • assistant teachers
  • support persons

 School purpose and priorities:

-guarantee of equal facilities

-the continuing education

-develop pupils´ ability to cope in everyday life

-develop our pedagogy and get extra experience from other EU countries

-guarantee equal facilities of education between students of common schools, completing the extension of schoolhouse.

The  head of Võru Järve school works with teachers of special education to elabotarate the aims and priorities of school. The head of Võru Järve School co-operates actively with Võru Town Government and Võru County Government to accomplish the extension of schoolhouse (deadline 31.07.2003), to guarantee contemporary conditions of learning for the mentally disabled children in this area.

The head of Võru Järve School and teachers of special education have worked out the development plan for Võru Järve School, which is one of the priorities of development plan of Võru Town Government.

The integrally functioning network of special education considering local conditions and needs.